Who is Mark LoProto?

It all started with a zombie-infested mansion in the mountains of the midwestern United States. Mark may have held his first gaming controller in the late '80s, but it was during the mid-90s and the rise of 3D gaming that he became a bonafide player with a hunger for interactive experiences. The abandoned halls of the Spencer Mansion sucked him in and never released their grip, thus sparking his fascination with the gaming industry. 

Writing has always been in Mark’s blood, his childhood spent pecking away at his father’s typewriter. In 2009, he launched his freelancing career, first as a gaming news and review writer to a publication long since lost to time. The more he wrote, the more he wove in and out of genres, tackling food and beverage for publications like CBS Local and churning out SEO-driven product descriptions for GameStop and Sam’s Club. He’s covered the Las Vegas nightlife, took a step back in time to revisit the Pearl Harbor attack, and explored the strange and unusual. In a sense, he’s a “jack of all genres” - though he always gravitates back to gaming.  

Mark has bylines featured on Bloody Disgusting, Heavy, How-to Geek, Android Police, Ready Game Survive, and Cultured Vultures. But when he’s not at a keyboard, he’s delving into public relations and hosting the occasional gaming even in sunny Las Vegas.